Text pattern looks in all text fields (ORF name, comments, description, etc)
Text Pattern 1
Text Pattern 2
Text Pattern 3
Chromosome number
Transcripts with or more Introns
Intron Length, minimum maximum
Lariat Length, minimum maximum
Tail Length, minimum maximum
Intron sequence contains
Upstream (exon) sequence contains
Downstream (exon) sequence contains

Information and Examples
This allows you to search the data within and behind the Intron Table. The main Intron Table does not show all available information, more information on each specific intron is found on their own report page.
The Description Text Pattern entries search the Description column text, the Yname or synonyms entries search only the name and synonyms columns, and the Splicing Verification type entries search the hidden field that has keywords we've entered about our feelings if the intron splices or not (this data is available on each individual report page. We are constantly updating this, expect it to change. Standard keywords in use now are yes, maybe, computer and prediction.). Splicing Verification references/links search the (typically) URL links about the intron, and Ares lab comments search the text added by our lab.
The minus sign, - , is a special case and stands for "items that have no text", and can be used in all fields (except Yname and Number). Multiple synonyms are allowed in the Synonyms entry, using standard wildcard symbols and perl regular expressions (particularly for multiple synonyms use the vertical bar character '|' as in ygr|ybr|ycr ).
To find all entries that have NO text description, enter a - in the Description field.
To find all entries that have the text "ribosom" in their text description, enter ribosom in the Description field.
To do the above "ribosom" search and only have those with no verification text, enter ribosom in the Description field and - in the Splicing field.